Tunable Optical Filters


  • Secure Switching

    Optical Channel Performance Monitoring

  • Quantum Photonics

    Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexer (ROADM)

  • Fiber Optic Sensing

    Optical Signal Noise Suppression

  • Fiber Optic Sensing

    Optical Signal Tracking

How it works

DiCon's MEMS tunable optical filter offers many advantages over a traditional tunable optical filter; increased accuracy & resolution, a faster tuning speed, as well as a durability that will last for over a billion tuning cycles, all in a compact package. Options are available for either 100 GHz or 50 GHz channel spacing as well as operation in either the O-band, C-band or L-band wavelength ranges.

Manually Tunable Optical Filter

DiCon's Manually Tunable optical bandpass filter is used to manually adjust the center wavelength of a narrow optical bandpass filter over a 30nm wavelength range, centered at 1550nm (C-band option) and 1580nm (L-band option). Adjustment of the center wavelength is accomplished by tilting the bandpass filter with a high precision micrometer.