MEMS Matrix Switches

DiCon’s MEMS Matrix Switch components are produced based on DiCon’s proprietary and proven MEMS tilting mirror technology. This MEMS mirror platform has been built into millions of components for the optical networking industry and comes with a 20 plus years of field deployment record. DiCon’s MEMS Matrix Switches are extremely stable and can operate under open-loop conditions. They have the best-in-the-class durability, repeatability, and optical performance.

DiCon offers a few standard single-mode, multi-mode, and PM fiber components. Other custom options like non-symmetric or multicast configurations, switches with specialty fibers, or switches that can meet special environmental operating conditions, can be specified. Please contact DiCon ( for more information.

How it works

They utilize DiCon’s proprietary dual-axes tilting MEMS mirrors, which are designed and made in DiCon’s in-house MEMS fabrication facility. Combined with DiCon’s proprietary manufacturing techniques, DiCon offers a wide array of MEMS optical switch products.


  • Secure Switching

    Dynamic Management of Optical Networks

  • Quantum Photonics

    Configurable Test & Measurement

  • Fiber Optic Sensing