MEMS Optical Switches

Edgepass Filter ( Communications )

DiCon's Edgepass Filter is a two-port component that uses a shortpass, longpass, or broad bandpass filter element to pass and reject wide spectral windows such as the 1310 nm, 1480 nm, 1550 nm, and 1625 nm (L band) windows. The component uses a thin film filter element mounted between a pair of GRIN lens collimators. DiCon's Edgepass Filter is housed in a compact, environmentally stable package that offers superior resistance to humidity and temperature and is suitable for mounting on a printed circuit board or within a module.


  • Wide selection of broad spectral windows

  • High isolation

  • Low insertion loss

  • Rugged, environmentally stable package

  • Tested to Telcordia GR-1221


Edgepass Filters enhance wavelength isolation in broadband WDM systems. They can be used to isolate optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) signals from transmission signals in active fiber monitoring systems as well as to reject S, C, and L bands in DWDM systems.

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SCD 0074 Rev A ( Page : 29 )