MEMS Optical Switches

100 GHz WDM

DiCon’s 100 GHz WDM is designed to multiplex and demultiplex signals in multi-wavelength systems based on the ITU 100 GHz grid. The component uses a thin film filter mounted between a pair of GRIN lens collimators. The 100 GHz WDM is housed in a compact, environmentally stable package that offers superior resistance to humidity and temperature and is suitable for mounting on a printed circuit board or within a module.


  • Wide 0.22 nm passbands

  • Low insertion loss

  • High isolation for demultiplexing applications

  • Rugged, environmentally stable package

  • Tested to Telcordia GR-1221

Optical Specifications


100 GHz WDMs multiplex and demultiplex signals in dense WDM systems. Featuring 0.2 nm channel passbands and 100 GHz channel spacing, the 100 GHz WDM is well suited to long haul transport networks. The 100 GHz WDM provides high isolation without the need for active temperature control.

Housing Dimensions

1. Optional 38 or 40 mm housing lengths by request.

Ordering Information

SCD 0033 - 1 Rev. E