MEMS Optical Switches

Coarse WDM

DiCon’s Coarse WDM is designed to multiplex and demultiplex signals in metropolitan, access, and enterprise networks. Coarse WDMs are low-cost components for systems with fewer than eight channels and feature wide 13 nm channel passbands to accommodate variations in laser center wavelengths over temperature.


Coarse WDMs multiplex and demultiplex signals in systems based on an emerging industry standard grid with 20 nm channel spacings. These systems use uncooled lasers and low cost Coarse WDM components as an alternative to more expensive components based on 100 GHz or 200 GHz channel plans.



  • Channel plans based on 20 nm channel spacing

  • High isolation for demultiplexing applications

  • Low insertion loss

  • Tested to Telcordia GR-1221

Housing Dimensions

Units: mm
1. Optional 38 or 40 mm housing lengths by request.

Ordering Information

SCD 0012 Rev B( Page : 19 )