Optical Switches

An optical switch automates the connection of one optical fiber to another while maintaining the signal in the optical domain. This eliminates the need to manually move fibers, and instead enables fast, reliable connections just as though the fibers were directly connected to each other.

Optical Switches schematic drawing


  • Signal Routing

  • Network Monitoring

  • Quantum Photonics

  • Secure Switching

  • Fiber Optic Sensing

  • Test & Measurement

DiCon Fiberoptics, a recognized leader in designing and manufacturing fiber optic-based solutions, offers high performance, long-life MEMS optical switches, which that have been proven to work reliably for years in Aerospace, Military, Telecommunications, Test & Measurement, Remote Sensing, Biomedical and other applications. They utilize DiCon’s proprietary dual-axes tilting MEMS mirrors, which are designed and made in DiCon’s in-house MEMS fabrication facility. Combined with DiCon’s proprietary manufacturing techniques, DiCon offers a wide array of MEMS optical switch products, as found in the links below.

MEMS optical switch schematic drawing