Custom Solutions

Custom Modules

DiCon combines our optical component products with custom electronics, firmware, and software, thereby creating integrated solutions with superior functionality and performance. These can be packaged in module housings provided by our customers, or in custom housings that are designed to customer specifications.

Power Balancing, OADM, Variable OADM, OXC

As an example, DiCon integrates our MEMS VOAs with our tap-detectors, control electronics, and firmware, to create single-channel and multi-channel DPE (Dynamic Power Equalization) or DGE (Dynamic Gain Equalization) modules, for optical power balancing and management. By monitoring the optical power at the outputs of an array of VOAs, the DPE module can be operated in either a constant-power mode, or a constant attenuation mode. In constant-power mode, closed-loop feedback is used to continuously adjust the attenuation of the VOAs, to ensure that the absolute optical power at the outputs of the VOAs is kept constant, regardless of input optical power.