Optical Rackmount Systems

DiCon Fiberoptics offers optical rackmount systems built with DiCon’s industry-proven optical switches, variable optical attenuators, in-line power monitors, tunable optical filters or any other fiber optic component needed for the application. In addition, DiCon can take a customer’s design and provide an expertly manufactured rackmount system using any combination of components required.


  • Fiber Monitoring

  • Secure Switching

  • Test & Measurement

  • US Defense Systems*

  • *Note: All systems for US Defense are designed & manufactured in the USA, under US export control

GP600 Optical Rackmount System

The GP600 is a flexible rackmount system that can be built with any combination of fiber optic device, such as Optical Switches, WDMs, VOAs, Couplers, Tap Detectors, Transceivers, Delays, EDFAs, Fast Receivers, Tunable Filters, etc.

  • Control via a single interface

  • Expertly built-to-order

  • Available in custom configurations

GP600 Fiber Optic System

GP750 Optical Rackmount System

The GP750 is a modular rackmount system that can automate any of DiCon's Optical Switches, VOAs, Tap Detectors, Tunable Filters, etc. It is ideal for applications where minimizing down-time is critical and/or there are a lot of fiber optic devices, as a problem module can be swapped out quickly.

  • Plug and Play Modularity

  • Intuitive Front Panel

  • Ethernet, GPIB or RS-232

  • GP700 emulation mode

GP750 Programmable Optical Platform System

Comparison: GP600 vs. GP750

Feature GP600 GP750
Chassis Options Front Panel Display No Yes
Modular No Yes
Size Any 4U
Control Method Ethernet Yes Yes
RS-232 Yes Yes
GP700 Emulation Mode No Yes