MEMS Biomedical Optical Switches

DiCon Fiberoptics’ MEMS Biomedical optical switches allow the automated and repeatable connection of fibers and fiber optic devices. Based on DiCon’s industry proven MEMS optical switch technology, DiCon uses proprietary techniques to optimize the performance in the visible and near infrared wavelength regions for biomedical use.

Advantages of DiCon’s MEMS Optical Switches

  • High Reliability

  • Proven MEMS Technology

  • Lifetime > 1 Billion Switch Cycles

  • Customizable

1xN Optical Switch

A 1xN optical switch utilizes one input fiber and N number of output fibers. DiCon's optical switches are bi-directional so a 1xN fiber optic switch can be used in the 1xN direction to select an output fiber, or in the Nx1 direction, making it ideal for selecting which light source is to be used.

MEMS 1xN Optical Switch

MxN Blocking Optical Switch

DiCon's MxN blocking optical switch allows one of many input fibers to connect to one of many output fibers, and blocks all of the other connections. This allows one source at a time to be selected, and have its light exit one of output fibers, which is useful in applications such as diffuse optical tomography.

MxN Blocking Optical Switch

Custom Optical Switch Solutions

DiCon Fiberoptics has extensive expertise in creating customized optical switches, using customer specified fiber, non-standard wavelengths, etc. and can offer modifications to existing products, create truly custom solutions, or integrate multiple optical switch components together to create an application specific solution.

Please contact DiCon Fiberoptics to discuss further.