MEMS 2x2 Optical Switches

DiCon Fiberoptics' MEMS 2x2 optical switches are based on DiCon's industry proven MEMS optical switch technology, and offer high reliability over a long lifetime. DiCon offers three configurations for 2x2 optical switches; Add/Drop, Matrix or Blocking.

MEMS 2x2 Add/Drop Optical Switch

DiCon's MEMS 2x2 Add/Drop optical switches are used to add or drop an optical device from a network or optical system. This is accomplished by connecting the device in question to the ADD and DROP lines. The device is added by switching to the inserted state, and dropped by switching to the bypass state.

MEMS 2x2 Add/Drop optical switches

MEMS 2x2 Optical Switch

The 2x2 optical switch is a true 2x2 optical switch, that allows for the following two switch states:

MEMS 2x2 Matrix Optical Switch

MEMS 2x2 Blocking Optical Switch

A MEMS 2x2 blocking optical switch will connect one of the inputs to one of the outputs, and blocks the other connection.

MEMS 2x2 Blocking Optical Switch

GP750 Programmable Platform

For test & measurement applications requiring a large number of 2x2 optical switches or coordinated control of multiple optical components, DiCon Fiberoptics offers the GP750 rackmount system. This is a multi-purpose, modular, easy-to-use system able to automate DiCon's optical switches, optical attenuators, and tunable optical filters.

GP750 Programmable Optical Platform System

Custom Optical Switch Solutions

DiCon Fiberoptics has extensive expertise in creating customized optical switches, using customer specified fiber, non-standard wavelengths, etc. and can offer modifications to existing products, create truly custom solutions, or integrate multiple optical switch components together to create an application specific solution.

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