MEMS Multimode 1xN Optical Switches

DiCon Fiberoptics' MEMS Multimode 1xN Optical Switches allow the automated and repeatable connection of one common fiber to N number of output or input fibers. These all-optical switches are bi-directional and can be used in either the 1xN or Nx1 direction.

MEMS 1xN Single-mode 1xN Optical Switches

Advantages of DiCon's MEMS 1xN Optical Switches

  • Lifetime > 1 Billion Switch Cycles

  • Proven MEMS Technology

  • High Reliability

  • Compact Design


DiCon Fiberoptics offers a range of compact MEMS 1xN optical switch components, primarily for OEM integration. The Cylindrical package has direct analog voltage control of the MEMS mirror, and should be mounted onto a PCB with an appropriate control circuit. The External PCB version consists of the cylindrical component mounted onto a small PCB, which provides digital control via I2C or TTL. The Size 1 component is functionally similar to the External PCB, but built as a rectangular housing.

MEMS 1xN Single-mode 1xN Optical Switches


DiCon Fiberoptics offers optical switch modules that are compact, easy to mount, and available in any 1xN size from 1x2 up to 1x24, or as an array of multiple 1xN fiber optic switches. The fiber pigtails are available with loose tube jacket for easier handling, and control is via RS-232, TTL or I2C. For RS-232 controlled modules, DiCon offers an optional cable kit.

MEMS 1xN Single-mode 1xN Optical Switches

Optical Rackmount Systems

For applications requiring coordinated control of multiple optical switches or other optical components, DiCon Fiberoptics offers Optical Rackmount Systems, such as the flexible GP600 and modular GP750.

GP750 Programmable Optical Platform System

Custom Optical Switch Solutions

DiCon Fiberoptics has extensive expertise in creating customized optical switches, using customer specified fiber, non-standard wavelengths, etc. and can offer modifications to existing products, create truly custom solutions, or integrate multiple optical switch components together to create an application specific solution.

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