Optical Rackmount Systems

DiCon offers a variety of rack-mountable solutions for fiber optic switching, test automation, and wavelength management. With standardized or customizable options, our platforms can be easily configured to work in different environments. DiCon's systems feature low insertion loss, excellent reliability, and durability. Applications include fiber optic testing and measurement, fiber based sensing, optical network configuration and monitoring.

GP750 Fiber Optic Test Platform

The GP750 is DiCon's latest general purpose switch platform. Featuring complete modularity, the GP750 accommodates up to eight hot swappable modules with plug-and-play capabilities and Ethernet as a newly added interface. Internally using the latest MEMS technology from DiCon, the GP750 is a durable and reliable solution for fiber optic testing needs.

GP750 Programmable Optical Platform System

GP600 Fiber Optic System

The GP600 is a system that can house and control any combination of DiCon optical switches, tunable filters, variable optical attenuators, tap detectors or other DiCon products. In addition, other components such as couplers, circulators, delay lines, ect. can be integrated upon request.

GP600 Fiber Optic System

MEMS Rackmount Optical Switch Systems

For fiber monitoring or test & measurement applications, DiCon Fiberoptics offers MEMS optical switches in a simple rackmount housing with RS-232 or Ethernet control.

Rackmount MEMS optical switch

MEMS Rackmount Optical Attenuators

DiCon's MEMS Rackmount Optical Attenuator system allows easy computer control of DiCon's industry proven, long life, MEMS variable optical attenuators.

Rackmount MEMS optical attenuator

GP700 Programmable Platform

The GP700 is DiCon's best selling integrated system since the 90's. Unfortunately due to key electronics no longer being available, the GP700 is discontinued and no longer available. DiCon recommends the GP750 as a replacement, which is a modern, more advanced version of the GP700. It can be made with the same optical switches, variable optical attenuators and other optical components used in the GP700. For compatability with existing GP700 test stations it can be operated in a GP700 emulation mode, so that no changes to an existing control program will be necessary.

GP700 Programmable Optical Platform System