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GP750 Fiber Optic Test Platform

The GP750 is a modular rack mount system designed to automate fiber optic testing, and can be made with combinations of fiber optic switches, variable optical attenuators, tunable optical filters and other optical components.

GP750 Fiber Optic Test Platform

Plug and Play Modularity

The GP750 can accommodate up to eight hot swappable, plug-and-play optical modules. This allows optical modules to be added or changed as test requirements change in the future.

Intuitive Front Panel

The status of every optical module is displayed in a graphical window, and the user can intuitively navigate to every optical component in the system, to review the current status or to manually change the device's state.

Ethernet, GPIB or RS-232

The GP750 can be automated through the Ethernet, GPIB or RS-232. Control is via simple text commands, making it easy to embed control of the GP750 into a larger automation program.

GP700 Emulation Mode

For compatibility with existing GP700 test stations, the GP750 can be operated in a GP700 emulation mode. This makes it possible for the GP750 to be used in place of a GP700 with no changes to an existing automation program.

GP750 System

Every GP750 system consists of the controller module, chassis and power module. Optical modules are available separately.

GP750 Optical Switch Moduless

GP750 Optical Switch Modules

DiCon Fiberoptics offers a number of standard optical switch modules made with either singlemode or multimode fiber.

GP750 Optical Switch Moduless

GP750 Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) Modules

DiCon Fiberoptics offers variable optical attenuator (VOA) modules for the GP750. The standard VOA module is available with either singlemode or multimode fiber. In addition, a Dynamic Power Equalizer (DPE) is also available, which uses a tap detector on the output of each VOA for closed feedback loop control.

GP750 Optical Switch Moduless

GP750 Tunable Optical Filter Modules

DiCon Fiberoptics offers MEMS tunable optical filters for the GP750 system, with either a 50 GHz or 100 GHz channel spacing.

GP750 Optical Switch Moduless

GP750 Coupler Modules

DiCon Fiberoptics offers coupler modules for the GP750 system. These modules can be made with either singlemode fused fiber couplers or thin film couplers for multimode fiber application.

GP750 Custom Modules

DiCon Fiberoptics has extensive expertise in creating custom GP750 modules, to best meet an application specific test requirement. Modules can be made with unique combinations of optical switches or other optical components, such as the following example.

GP750 Custom Configuration Example

As required, DiCon can also customize modules with:

  • Customer specified fibers
  • Customer specified connectors (Mil-Spec, E-2000, etc.)
  • Performance optimized for customer specified wavelengths

Please contact DiCon Fiberoptics to discuss further.