MEMS 1xN Singlemode Optical Switches


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MEMS 1XN Optical Switch, With External PCB

DiCon’s MEMS 1xN Switch provides channel selection between a single input fiber and N output fibers. At the core of the switch is DiCon’s proprietary MEMS chip; an electrostatically driven mirror implemented using single-crystalline silicon and a stiction-free design. The mirror is capable of rotating on two axes, allowing the input light to be redirected back to any desired output in a 2D plane. The switch is bi-directional and can be used as a Nx1 selector switch.


  • Drop-in Replacement for DIP Option
  • Proven MEMS Durability and Reliability
  • Compact Form Factor
  • Fast Switching Time
  • TTL Parallel or I2C Serial Control Interface
  • Qualified to GR-1221


  • Optical Communications
  • Fiber Sensing
  • Bio-medical Instrumentation
  • Video Distribution

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SCD 0185 Rev A