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MEMS Tunable Filter (Type B)

DiCon’s MEMS Tunable Filter is a compact 2-port device based on DiCon’s proprietary MEMS technology. It de-multiplexes the incoming multi-wavelength signal and selects the desired wavelength channel using a tilting MEMS mirror as the tuning mechanism. The optical design is an extension of DiCon’s proven MEMS switch design, and therefore offers the same durability, reliability, and stability. DiCon’s MEMS Tunable Filter is an ideal component for use in all wavelength selection and monitoring applications, and is particularly well-suited for applications requiring frequent or continuous tuning.

Optical Specifications

Electrical Specifications:


  • Excellent MEMS durability, thermal stability, and repeatability
  • Superior optical performance
  • Compact form factor
  • Gaussian-shaped passband
  • Passband optimized for 50 GHz channel spacing
  • Customized passbands and tuning ranges available
  • I2C and RS232 control interface included


  • Optical Channel Performance Monitoring
  • Noise Suppression
  • Signal Tracking

Optical Spectrum:


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Ordering Information:

SCD 0172 Rev C