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Manually Tunable Bandpass Filter

DiCon's Manually Tunable Bandpass Filter is used to manually adjust the center wavelength of a narrowness over a 30 nm range around the 1550 nm window. Manually Tunable Bandpass Filters use a hard-coated thin film interference filter which is mounted between two angled fiber collimators. Wavelength selection is made by adjusting the filter angle using a high precision micrometer handle with 0.05 nm tuning resolution.



  • Narrow bandwidths (0.8 and 3.2 nm)
  • Excellent tuning resolution (0.05 nm)
  • Broad tuning range(> 30 dB)
  • Low insertion loss (1.5 dB)
  • Low back reflection (- 50dB)


Manually tunable bandpass filters are commonly used to dynamically select among different wavelength channels at the receiver end of dense WDM transmission systems. Other applications include tuning the center wavelength of broadband sources (such as white light sources or LED's) in laboratory test and measurement systems.

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