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Uni-Directional Tap/Detector

DiCon's Uni-directional Tap/Detector is a high performance, hybrid component which taps and monitors optical signals in uni-directional transmission systems. Uni-directional Tap/Detectors reduce the cost of power monitoring by combining the tap and PIN photo-diode PIN in a single component without the need for an in-line isolator on the output port.


Uni-directional Tap Detectors enhance the accuracy of power monitoring by eliminating unwanted back-reflection and scattering from sources downstream of the device. Tap/Detectors with Corning SMF-28 fiber are designed for power monitoring in protections switches, line cards, fiber amplifiers, and OADMs. Tap/Detectors with polarization maintaining fiber are designed for power monitoring of signal or pump laser sources that use PM fiber pigtails.



  • Ultra flat broadband spectral response
  • High directivity from output to input
  • Corning SMF-28 or polarization maintaining fiber

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SCD 0109 Rev B