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Attenuator /On-Off Optical Switch

DiCon’s Attenuator/On-Off Optical Switch is based on a micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) chip. The MEMS chip consists of an electrically movable mirror on a silicon support. A voltage applied to the MEMS chip causes the mirror to rotate, which changes the coupling of light between the input and output fibers of the Attenuator/On-Off Optical Switch.


  • Combination Variable Optical Attenuator and On-Off Optical Switch
  • Small attenuator package
  • Qualified to GR-1221
  • Available in opaque or transparent versions
  • Available in both cylindrical and 14-pin DIP package


Attenuator/On-Off Optical Switches are used as safety shutters during laser transmitter power up as well as for channel equalization once the laser has stabilized. In its highest loss position, the Attenuator/On-Off Optical Switch provides greater than 45 dB of power isolation. Used as an Attenuator, it allows the output power of the laser to be continuously adjusted over a 40 dB range. Attenuator/On-Off Optical Switches are ideally suited for use within line cards or transponders.

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14-pin DIP Package

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SCD 0055 Rev F